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Small Cells for 4G and Beyond

SPECIAL REPORT: filmed at Small Cells World Summit, London, June 2014

What factors are driving mobile network demand for small cells and what are the key challenges faced by telcos during their deployment and implementation? Is small cell technology capable of delivering telco requirements, or is more development needed? How do they fit with the move towards NFV, and what is their likely role in future 5G networks?


Sue Monahan, CEO Small Cell Forum.

Full verbatim interview: Helping Mobile Operators Identify the drivers for small cell deployment


Todd Mersch, General Manager, Software and Solutions, Radisys

Full verbatim interview: Moving from Coverage to Capacity


Andy Sutton, Principal Network Architect, EE

Full verbatim interview: EE Places Small Cells at the Heart of its Future Network Strategy


Peter Zhou, President of Small Cells, Huawei

Full verbatim interview: New partners and business models key to small cell deployment


Keith Day, Director of Mobility Marketing, Cisco

Full verbatim interview: Redefining how service providers access the mass market enterprise market with small cells


Mike Schabel, VP Wireless Division, Alcatel-Lucent

Full verbatim interview: 10x, 100x, 1000x capacity growth will require small cells


Peter Jarich, VP Consumer and Infrastructure, Current Analysis

Full verbatim interview: The virtualisation of small cells


Josh Adelson, Director of Product Marketing, Airvana

Full verbatim interview: Driving the demand for small cell deployment


Sami Susiaho, Head of Edge Technologies, The Cloud

Full verbatim interview: The 3P of small cells: poles, power and pipes


Ronny Haraldsvik, SVP/CMO, SpiderCloud Wireless

Full verbatim interview: Using small cells and NFV to deliver local services

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